Thursday, 20 March 2008

I might not change my allegiance if Philippines instantly becomes corruption-free!

For two years now, I have been thinking of applying for British citizenship. I could draw a lot of advantages, i.e. easy travel within Europe, being able to vote, among other things. I don't have to renounce my Filipino citizenship so in the eyes of my children, I am still Filipino. For my husband, he has that gnawing feeling that the 'Indefinite Leave to Remain' stamped on my passport could one day be invalidated – which sounds silly really – but that's what you expect from someone who has an understandable distrust with politicians.

So what am I going to do? Just the thought of filling up a form and writing 'British' after Nationality makes me feel like a fake. Physically, I look Filipino although most of the time mistaken for being Chinese (!) or Japanese (!!). Excuse me?!

I might not think 100% Filipino (owing to the massive influence brought about by my intensely British extended family and work colleagues/friends) but then I still feel one. I still long for sinugba, kinilaw, biko, pangat, etc, and if only tricycles are available in England, I would readily go on one despite the freezing temperature.

So it all comes down to practicality and the fact the my whole life revolves around everything British.
Am I integrated in the culture? Apart from not having pints most evenings in the pub, I think I am. Am I attuned to their culinary habits? I think so – if fish and chips and chinese take-aways are not the main order of the day.

So why am I so anxious about it?


Francesca said...

PRACTICALITY is the answer.
Better to get it now than later.
Immigration laws changes every minute.
some would be well integrate first by language, culture and history. Baka pakantahin ka pa ng natl anthem.
Ganun kc dito sa France, dami eks eks.

One filipino got a chance to be french he refused, because he said, I dont intend to retire in France.
After living 40years in France, he doesnt like the life in Phils, he applied for citizenship, he was denied.
Kasi 65 na raw siya,lol ano pa raw pakinabang ng France sa kanya.

I suggest, go for that citizenhip.
I would do the same if France offers me.

and order na that tricyle to be transported in UK, sasabit ako lol

Soy said...

hahaha, ikaw talaga, you're so funny. yup, oorderin ko na ang tricycle :)

Islander said...

ill go for practicality. british by nationality, pinoy by heart. how about that? hehe.

pero why not choose dual citizenship if any?

Analyse said...

hay naku, i have the same questions. still filipina till now and aside from practicality, i don't see any advantage, really.

Joy said...

Hi Soy! I'm taking the Life in the UK test this 29th, before going home in May. And as you know, I'm being filmed for a documentary here in the UK and they want to film me that day. I haven't started reading Chapters 2 to 6 yet, but perhaps you and I can take the exam more or less at the same time :-)

Here are a few questions to get you started:

1. What do you do when you spill someone's drink at a pub?

2. Who are the saints for all the 4 nations and when are their feasts celebrated.

3. How many members of Parliament are there?

Have dual citizenship! It's the best of both worlds.

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