Saturday, 15 March 2008

Zak's thank you prayer

Zak's thank you prayer, originally uploaded by Soyy.

My heart just swells everytime I read this!


Francesca said...

buti pa anak mo, magaling sa english, wala pa 17 years old...

See the video of ms bb pinas world? its hilarious.
In you tube, i copy paste in my blog, lol

comedy yung nanalo!

Soy said...

thanks! i haven't seen the bb pinas. i'll check it from your site.

Shiela said...

hi soy. that's so nice. i bet your gonna treasure that forever.

by the way. do u think we can exlink?

Joy said...

Is that on the fridge? As a mother I'm sure this is something you will treasure for a long time.

So how are you, Soy? Did you get to listen to the radio show yesterday? If not, you can listen to it on my blog. :)

Thanks for visiting A Pinay In England and leaving your comments. Terribly sorry I've been busy decorating our new house and in the middle of packing, too. Once settled I shall be able to visit your blog more regularly. Have a great week ahead!

Your Love Coach
I, Woman
Norwich Daily Photo

Soy said...

@ hi shiela, i sure do.

@ joy, i have today set aside to listen it from your site. i have told a lot of pinoys here about it.

best wishes to you and your new home. i sure know what it's like to move houses. goodness, the stress!

Islander said...

haha kakyut sa message.
kid's thoughts are really amusing... full of innocence and purity.

Soy said...

@ islander, amo gajud...i might blog about my kids' amusing stuff next time...

denden said...

Aaaw, that’s such a sweet prayer. I like his sir topham hat outfit. Cute 

Soy said...

hi denden, yes, he looks cute but he agonised over that outfit for several days!

wait til it's your turn to have a kid to dress up! ;)

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