Thursday, 3 April 2008

What's the matter with these Filipinos. 2 0f 2

I don't know how other Filipino communities in Britain work but I must say that the one near me is just so riddled with questions and misunderstanding.
It's very much a little Philippines, where little politics and bureacracy is still the order of the day.
After two years, there is still no system, and yet it has been claimed that the community is being run the Filipino way because the members are Filipinos. Rubbish! If they want to do Philippine politics, they might as well go back to the Philippines.
The community here is all about officers. Officers' meeting, officers' plans, officers' decisions, officers' whatever. Bloody officers! The byelaws were drafted by officers, approved by officers, and then the officers started collecting 'fees' from members. WHY the officers/members divide?
What do these people know about running a community? Yes, they were officers in their classrooms back in the Philippines but that doesn't make them experts in managing over a hundred of hard-headed Tagalog-yapping individuals who always point out without a hint of sarcasm that they're here because they have the bloody skills of wiping old people's bottoms. Not like you, Petra, hahaha, you're only here in England because you married a bloody old man with deep pockets.
Now, these people started the community out of bayanihan spirit. Well done. That's very commendable. It's purpose is set out on marble slab that the community will foster Filipino friendship and culture and represent the members if they problems with their garbage disposal, immigration status, leaky faucets, and gossipy kababayans.
I don't know about you, but if I have problems with my immigration status? I ask for an immigration lawyer. Problems with my rubbish bins? I call the council and ask for the Waste and Recycling department. Problems with my leaky faucet? Of course, I will call a plumber -- not some organisation that doesn't even know what a member is.
Oh, and the gossipy kababayan? Well, we'll talk about that later.


HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

sad...pero ang babaw ng reason nila for organizing a community...for all you know sa tsismis lang yan mapupunta...yan ang aabangan ko sa next post mo...hehe tsismosa din ako, pero subtle and may class...hehe

salamat sa link, dito pala kita ni-link sa main blog ko

COC-o-LIVE said...

finally you made a blog about them mam G! hmmmp, that's why until now I am inactive here in joining the same community...just lastweek during their meeting daw, there were two who were screaming and were about to reach the point of making "dapay2x" to each other! ano ba 'yan!

Kaya let's be cool na lang and do what we must do...Korek ka dyan!heheh

Soy said...

hipncoolmomma, you're right, the group is ripe with chismis...grabe.

Soy said...

coc-o-live, it's so embarassing to see filipinos making fools of themselves in other countries. we can't do anything except stand back, laugh, and hope it won't always be like that...and of course, that nobody gets hurt! haha

Analyse said...

kaya i dont join any community e.. dagdag lang sa sakit ng ulo minsan

Soy said...

hi ana, oo nga e. it's so unfortunate when pinoys can't just be together without the irritations.

Francesca said...

i dont join any community also here inFrance/monaco;

Meron pa dyan, miss miss beauty pageant, para daw sa pondo ng filipino association ek ek.

Wala sa rules yung pageant. Humakot ang nanay para sa GLORY ng anak to win, 15000 euros. Promise ng officers, 30%siya.
Nakupo, walaaaaahhh, nakuha ang pobreng nanay. Pinagbayad pa sa entrance ng hotel where the pgeant is being held, lol

even in our poor brains kababayans, politics exists.
Di lang po gossips, hehe.

PS ako din trip ko gossips.LOL

Shiela said...

before we had filipino association here in our place. but it did not last long. why? they want £4 every month for each family member to help charitable institution daw sa pinas. i think i paid 3 times but sa wala napunta. at eto pa every time na nagmemeeting inuman ang ending ng mga boys. after 3 months nag pull out na ako. plano lang pala lahat, yung nabayad ng mga members ewan ko nasan na. marami pa naman kaming pinoy here in our place.
kaya mas ok pa wala. wala din naman silang naitutulong.

Soy said...

@ Francesca, yang pondo pondo na yan ang hindi ko ma-gets. ok lang kung may talagang pupuntahan ng pera. Wala, eh.

@ Shiela, dito rin £3 a month pero wala sa byelaws. Hindi talaga klaro and direksyon ng association at kung kwestyonin ng mga members, very defensive ang mga officers. hay naku!

Joy said...

Hello lovely ladies,

How would you like to talk about this issue - diplomatically and calmly - on my Pinoy radio show? :-) Any takers, just give me a buzz using one of the links below.

A Pinay In England
I, Woman
Norwich Daily Photo

caryn said...

hi! just dropping by from francesca's

i understand what you mean about filcom groups. we have quite a number of them in tokyo, and although at times they mean well, a lot gets lost in translation: the politics, the pride the need to outdo each other...sigh. it could drive one to drink. hahaha! even within the student community here, filipinos still seem to have different agendas. sigh. sad no?

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