Monday, 26 May 2008

How to laugh when the kitchen is a mess

Sometimes, when the kitchen mess gets too overwhelming, we try to distract ourselves by testing each other how much we know about each other's country. Sounds over the top? Well, it's either that or scrubbing 2 weeks worth of grease in the oven. So, we close the kitchen door and talk about Jose Rizal, the Philippine national hero.

Me: Do you know Jose Rizal?
K: Yes. He was the first Philippine president?
Me: Agh!
K: The first Filipino leader?
Me: Ew!
K: The Filipino who fought against the Spanish?
Me: Ouch!
K: Oh, that was Lapu-lapu, wasn't it?
Me: Ekk!
K: The posh toff who went against the Spanish?
Me: (rolling on the floor, laughing)
K: Who's JE-SU Rizal then?!



HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

heehee JE-SU, at least he got Rizal right, kahit ba hindi nya kilala kung ano at sino sya sa Pinas.

Soy said...

Oo nga, Girlie. at least he's trying hard, hehehe

caryn said...

Hahahaha! ok yang test system nyo Soy ah! at least he's trying! ;-)

Soy said...

Oo nga Caryn. K has got two problems though: Filipino names and how to pronounce them. :)

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