Wednesday, 14 May 2008

I kind of hate the skin I'm in, or something like that

I have never been so particular with my skin. I only ever use one product - a body lotion - and until recently, I used it as such - from my face, down my hands and feet.

I don't use make-up, and only very rarely I apply foundation to even my skin tone, and that's probably about once in two months, like when I go to court to face charges of facial negligence.

Last week, I drank more than the desired amount of Sprite. A 330ml can consumed in 2 days. In my standard, that's a lot, considering that a) it's expensive. it's about the same amount as what I earn every 15 seconds ; and b) it's got 7 spoonfuls of sugar in every can.

Because of reason b, I've had lots of spots coming out of my face. And they're not just pimple kind of spots, like the ones when you have just eaten too many banana ques. These spots I had turned into dark, yucky, dry kind, and when I scratch them, the underlayer turns white! Talk about being one of the dalmatians!

Anyway, when I stayed with my 75-year-old mother-in-law (I know she would hate me for mentioning her age, but this is relevant) for a day at her house, she ordered me to have a shower sensing that I was hot and bothered after playing with my kids at her garden. Obviously, I didn't have my toiletries with me so I crept into her lotions and potions cupboard and just slapt on my face and arms and legs what was there that looked creamy and smelt nice.

She claimed she had been using these creams and they really work on her skin. I tried it too and after a few days, I noticed the difference.

Now, this worries me. I am 32. Honestly. But does that mean that my skin's elasticity is like that of a 75-year-old, specifically, a 75-year-old like my mum-in-law?

If her facial cream works for her and for me, what does that say of my skin??

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denden said...

i keep changing face products every so often but when someone told me last year to try olay, i did and haven't changed since. :)

Soy said...

oh, well. i shouldn't worry then. :)

Betty said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Your blog looks delightful, and your post on skin cream made me laugh. You wouldn't believe how many products I have tried. I am a sucker for any ad.

caryn said...

soy! winner ang olay! my mum and grandma uses them, so i always had this idea that it was an old lady's cream-sort-of-thing. but after trying out loads of products, i succumbed to olay 2 years ago and i haven't changed since. its easy to use plus its way cheaper than most of the products out there.

Soy said...

Betty, I experimented with different kinds of lotion but I always end up having the greasy ones. I can't contemplate what it's like to experiment with make-up. It's difficult to know what's harmful and not.

Caryn, it's true that it's a lot of cheaper and most of all, it's not greasy! :)

Analyse said...

hmm, not the first time to read about the goodness of these creams. it was the cream my tita uses when she was younger and true enough, she really had flawless skin.. hmmm, teka, ma-try kaya???

Soy said...

Ana, i'm sure you don't need to. you look flawless already in your photos! :)

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

My Mom uses olay too and it seems to work for her. I used it too, pero nainip ako sa results, hindi naging totoo yung napanood ko sa ad kaya di ko na inubos ang bottle, hehe.

o nga, di ko yata naisip yung last part ng entry mo. Basta ako the first ad that i see n mukhang ok, go agad sa store to buy.

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