Saturday, 17 May 2008

I wanted to post about the paraben content of Olay but this is more important

I was tidying up the rubbish bin that was our house when I heard the doorbell ring. My husband was upstairs watching football on TV. The boys were with him. I was downstairs but in a terrible state. I had on my 1950s tracksuit bottoms, a house dress I unearthed from one of the bins (not rubbish), and a granny cardigan. If I tell you the state of my hair as well, you will get the total picture.

Anyway, I answered the door. And there in front of me was the most magical aparition ever. Filipino Food - Kinilaw (raw tuna salad) and Kare-kare (beef and bean stew), courtesy of John. You might wonder why I consider Filipino food as magical when I am Filipino myself. Surely, that's what's on my dining table everyday? Unfortunately, it's not the case. K dominates our kitchen because if I do, the kids would be eating bread all the time until they smell of yeast.


So while setting the table, our conversation went like this:

Zak (looking at the Kare-kare): Yuck!

Me: I didn't make this food darling. Seb's daddy did.

Zak (going back to the food): Hmm, smells nice!

Zak (started eating): Tastes nice, mum!

See? It's never the food. It's the cook!

The photo below has nothing to do with Kinilaw or Kare-kare. It's just to show that sometimes, England does have fine weather and food - despite what other people say. :)


Betty said...

Hey, I just stopped by to see what was happening. I can't imagine someone bringing food to my door. We have some people in our family that are known for their cooking. I am not one of them. I will check back for the Olay story.

Francesca said...

ah, its true, soy.

England daw is damp cold, bitterly cold like english snobs, but no.

I've been n London, and it was sooo much no problem with weather, ot their people.

Its a new culture. Now kare kare and kinilaw on top?
Its bliss!
Penge ng inihaw!

caryn said...

kakagutom! i'm having filipino food today at an embassy function pero its only lumpia, pancit and biko. waaah! i want kare-kare!

cantilangnon said...

hmmmm bagan kalami nan kinilaw soy. jaon bay "balibajon" didon? hehehe

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

maybe you can play a lil trick on Zak and tell him that it's Seb's dad who did the cooking even if it was you. hehe tinuruan pa magsinungaling.

parang ang sarap ng kinilaw, ano yung parang yellowish? ginger and green mango?

Soy said...

Girlie, it's ginger,:)

Islander said...

hahaha yuck ha but ended up eating his "yuck" and the kare-kare.. hehe.

mouth watering... both my favorites.

Shiela said...

soy pagkalami anang imong kinilaw oi. galaway ko ba, as in.

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