Thursday, 1 May 2008

Proud to be Bri-noy

The boys' bathtime routine is conducted in Surigaonon dialect. Even if they don't speak it, they understand and that's enough for me. If you're a fly on the wall, you'll just hear the swooshing of the water, the clanking of the jug against the bath, the fizzling of bubbles against bathtoys, the accompanying motor sounds of the plastic boats - tsug tsug tsug - - swoshhh!! - and my single-sided conversation in Surigaonon: tindog, lingkod, pijong mata, tuwad... etc.
The boys are aware that when I utter Filipino/Surigaonon words at home, without the company of other Filipinos, I am at ease, happy, intimate, loving, and sweet with them. And I think that because of this, they take pride of being part 'Fulupino'.
So one day, when Zak was with his 3-year-old friend, he proudly declared: 'I'm half-British, half-Filipino. What about you?' The little boy looked at him intently and said, 'I'm Henry'.


Linnor said...

too cute!

i got here from denden's. i too have surigaonon roots. ma is from siargao while pa is from del sur. :)

caryn said...

this is just too cute for words! i could actually imagine the boys' conversation in my head. hahaha!

Soy said...

@linnor - thanks for dropping by. have you visited surigao lately?

@caryn - wait til you have your own kids. you will have more experiences like this. :)

Islander said...

hehehe. kyut. he should be proud of...

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