Monday, 28 April 2008


While Zak was in school today, I managed to get hold of his digital camera. I uploaded onto my camputer 305 images that he took in less than a week. I deleted half of them and saved the rest.

He took just ONE of me -
ONE of his daddy's reflection -

and the rest are of his toys - but mostly of HIMSELF.

I think he needs more memory cards.


caryn said...

i think its really interesting to see how kids view their world with the available technology. i wish we had digicams back then! i felt so stingy with my rolls of film (that you weren't even sure would develop properly) so i felt i had tons of wasted 'potential'shots. hehehe!

Soy said...

:) i still like film cameras though. you never know what you took until it's developed!

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

i love the second pic! oh there is an 8gig compact flash available already, maybe you should buy him that...

I wish my kids are also interested in photography, but as it is...well Ish is fond of self portrait, pang multiply and friendster, boo! (nagmana sa mommy, but now may sense na pix ko, heehee)

Soy said...

Girl, the thing is, his camera is only an Olympus-cheapy kind. just good enough for a 5-year-old. maybe i'll upgrade him when he's 7! :)

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