Friday, 25 April 2008


Lately, Zak has been asking me about God.

How does God make the sun? How does God make the rain? Why does God kill people?

I must have failed all my science subjects in school because when I explained to him about hydrogen and helium, I wasn't able to convince him. He thought I was talking nonsense! And when I told him that rain comes from dark heavy clouds, he looked at me like a) i was going to lose my mind, b) i was losing my mind, c) i've just lost my mind, or d) believable but not convincing.

So when he asked me why God kills people? Whooh! I thought well, this is the only way I could impress my son. Because you know, I was brought up in a staunchly Catholic family and educated in a Catholic school, so why not make full use of what I learned from the many dogmatic people who influenced my views of religion? Spirit? Soul? Heaven? Ashes to ashes? Temple of the soul? Well, it is time indeed to teach my son the wonders of Catholic faith.

Well, darling, God doesn't really kill people. He just snuffs out peoples lives because sometimes, I think he has a cruel compulsion. Like sending out floods and earthquakes, plague and war, you know, the usual stuff.

I don't really think he heard me say this. He was fast asleep. But even if he were awake, he would have laughed and said, Oh mummy! YOU'RE SO CLEVER!


Francesca said...

haha soy, you are not the only mother that would be caught with questions from all intelligent children.

I will post her a website that talks about God.

When Zak ask, you can provide the answers, kasi it is with back up scriptures from your Bible.
Guide lang tong website, but still your Bible would teach the truth.


and here:

this is a guide to the questions your son asked, but your bible is still the best to give you answers.
You may refer verses in the website to your bible.
Its the only way to answer Zaks questions.
All the best.
Kids these days are clever.

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