Sunday, 20 April 2008

Britain's Got Talent! I mean, this Filipino's Got Talent!

Last night, Madonna Decena, a Filipino singer, went on Britain's Got Talent. Wowww! You should watch her performance and see why Britain gave her a standing ovation.


denden said...

thanks for the heads up soy. i wasn't able to watch it but will be keeping an eye. yey! even simon was impressed.

Francesca said...


she got a wonderfull voice.
She got a telent.
Im for her, she is a mother, a good point for voters to cast on her too.

Anonymous said...

There is another Filipino (mom is Pinay) who is only 10 years old who IMHO has better chances than Madonna of winning BGT. His name is CHARLIE GREEN. Search for his name in youtube or just follow this link:

He is just fantastic. Watch and be amazed by his talent!!!

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

her family was featured in the news yesterday...saw her 2 kids

Soy said...

@Denden - Simon wasn't sure at first, was he? I think he got moved by the audience as well! hehe.

@Francesca - She's definitely got a good voice, but I don't think she would really win. There's been some negative comments about her not being British in a British talent competition. :(

@Anon. - I saw that boy as well. Yes, he's really good. Thanks for the link. I'm sure others have viewed it as well.

@hipncoolmomma - I knew it would be picked up by the press there :)

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