Saturday, 28 June 2008

I'm a nanny

Saturday today and I got out of bed annoyed and fed up with the word I kept on hearing for the last two hours: SMART.

Zak came to my bed and asked if it's school day today. I said no, it's Saturday today and we're going to town to buy a new lunch box - his choice. He said, ok, can i wear my school uniform? I said, no, don't be silly. So he went off on a tirade saying his weekend clothes are COOL, not SMART, and he hates COOL, he hates jeans, he hates t-shirts. For two hours, he kept on agonising over his desire to be smart, smart, smart, smart and my total lack of understanding about smart appearance.

Lately, he's been obsessed with wearing a tie everyday. He has to be forced to wear a t-shirt to his daddy's vegetable garden. He doesn't mind wearing wellington boots as long as he has a long-sleeved shirt on and a tie. So I explained to him that I'm not going to town today, pushing Lewis on a buggy with him alongside in a suit! He would look like little Frasier with his nanny!



HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

cheeky time again ^_^

Betty said...

I just love your stories. Kids are so funny about what they want to wear. Sometimes there is no talking them out of it either. One of my sister's grandsons will only wear long sleeves, even in the summer. We all just have to smile.

Francesca said...

i agree with Zak about wearing his best. It is more presentable to wear it than with jeans and tshirt.

And to mommy soy, well its time to change wardrobe, bye bye na mga ala nanny attire, haha.

Analyse said...

bwahaha, just pretend mom.

zak is so british!

Islander said...

hahahahaha! now he's smart. goodlooking and smart.

caryn said...

wahahaha! he is sooo cute soy! i loove the uniform!

Shiela said...

smart all the time ha. unsa kaha bakasyon mo surigao dayon mag neck tie all the time...that will be fun :)

gwapo kaayo imo anak.

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