Thursday, 26 June 2008


If there is one tv program you should watch this week, it is this one. Incomers.

INCOMERS is a must-see documentary dispelling the myth that all immigrants in the UK are either asylum seekers or benefits-scrounger.

It follows Joy, A Filipino, who chose to live in Norwich with her British husband, leaving a fantastic career, family and friends in the Philippines.

Two things stick in my head after watching the programme: the picture of Joy scuba-diving in the Philippines and throwing away a sofa in Norwich. (There's a message in there somewhere.)

No. She didn't wear her diving gear when she/Tom threw the sofa away.

Watch it so you'll know what I mean.


caryn said...

uy soy, that looks really interesting. i checked the site out; aliw!

Analyse said...

bat ganun, i cant see the totality of the vid? hmm, got to figure out..

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