Monday, 21 July 2008


What is the worst way to die? To plumett thousands of feet in a plane, crashing into the sea or worse, the side of a mountain? Or, what about in a ship in a typhoon at night? The fear is incomprehensible. I suppose with a plane it would be over quickly. And what about an earthquake? I suppose an earthquake depends on where you are. If you are in the countryside, in the fields, you should be relatively safe. But if you are in a large built-up city with tall buildings all around, or you could be inside a building being trapped, perhaps minus a leg or arm, does not sound the best way to go. And then the volcano. Being burnt by pyroclastic flow or molten lava is probaly fast but not nice for the loved ones who have to identify the body.

Taking all the above into consideration - plane crashes, boat disasters, typhoons, earthquakes (predicted [!] and actual) and volcanoes, where do you suppose is one of the most dangerous countries to live?

And you thought Filipinos went overseas for the dollar!


The Islander said...

as many says, swerte swerte lang yan. wherever you may be, danger is always there. going abroad is already a risk. so i guess the best answer would be prayers.

caryn said...

congrats! you just won a handmade bracelet and mobile phone strap and a Tampipi CD in my birthday raffle! Soy my hubby said ang swerte mo! so i definitely get first diba on your son ;-) hahahha! please check out my site and please send me your mailing addy. thanks for paticipating and congrats!!!

Ruthi said...

No country is exempted from any disaster or catastrophe. If it really your time... wherever you are or even if you are sleeping when it's time to go... you got to go. Kahit mag-ingat ka pag talagang mamalasin wala ka ring magagawa diba? let's just pray for a safer place.

BTW, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate. And I love your pictures too at Flickers all nice shots. Love it. I linked you up too. So See yah around. Take care Soy.

Roselle said...

hey soy, just stopped by to say thanks for the visit.. you take care and hope to see you in my blog again soon :)

K said...

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Joy said...

Most dangerous? Where your very own country people shoot at each other.

Hey, Soy! I haven't visited for a while, so sorry about that. Hope you are well.

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I, Woman
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Lutchi said...

hopping and checking

caryn said...

i guess anywhere and everywhere is dangerous if its really your time ;-) here in tokyo we get frequent earthquakes of varying intensity. as in almost everyday. right now we're all waiting for the 'big one' to hit tokyo (it comes every 50 years and is long overdue) kaya all i can do is pray ;-) ingats!

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

death can be like a thief in the night anywhere you are. Basta ako ang prayer ko parati, Lord if ever it my time to go, make it peaceful, at siempre yung pretty pa din ako ^_^. pinapatawa lang kita Soy. Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!

betchai said...

Hi Soy, interesting post. I think every places has their share of threat, what is more important probably is living in a place where your heart is.

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