Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Random and some B* stuff

QUANTUM OF SOLACE. I went to the cinema Tuesday MORNING to watch this picture. There were only about 6 of us who dragged our beds to Cineworld to watch high octane James Bond. It certainly woke us up but if I had my way, I would really have liked the action scenes to slow down a bit so I could catch up and understand how people killed one another. Yes, I'm that slow in the morning I need to be told if it was a gun or a knife being used! And how blood got there or why there was no blood at all. And that tabletop touchscreen computer? Wow. I think I'd like to have one of those! And it would be a fab bonus to have Daniel Craig as well. To touch, at least. Ha! Shiver my timbers!

I am ever so glad he that he won. I enjoy his oratory skills. When he pauses mid-sentence, it is like he is not sure what he is going to say next but what comes out of his mouth is pure brilliance. His economic and health care policies convince me even if I am not in America and would certainly not enjoy the tax cuts. At the moment though, I think I'm just about pissed off with all the 'first black president' stuff on the news. He's half-white as well, goodness! And when he campaigned for presidency, it wasn't because of his colour but because he believed he could do the job! Oh well, over to you Americans.

I took Lewis to a new playgroup in my area. It's totally different from what he's used to and the toys are a lot gentler (no tractors and JCBs). And the kids are mostly girls. And most of them seem spoilt! Lewis was a bit shocked when the girls a lot younger than him started screaming and thrashing about with their little pink toys. Another little girl came up to him to play with his teapot and cups. He was a bit miffed that the girl couldn't stop dropping off the cup and that he had to pick it up for her! He stared at her as if saying, 'what's the matter with this little pinky creature?'

I got a book by Dr Miriam Stoppard called 'Questions children ask and how to answer them'. There is a suggested answer if a 4-6 year old asks, 'How are babies made?' or 'Did a stork bring me?' or 'How does the baby get in there?' which goes like this:

You weren't brought by a stork - that's just a story. Like all
babies, you were made from a seed from Daddy and an egg from Mummy. Daddy's seed and Mummy's egg joined together in Mummy's tummy to make you, so you're very special - and a lovely mixture of Daddy and Mummy.

With this answer, I could already imagine Zak exclaiming, 'You have an egg?! Then why do you need to buy eggs from the shop?!'

I also got James Bruges' Big Earth Book - Ideas and solutions for a planet in crisis. It's not a stuck-up-in-the-arse kind of book and it explains about money in very simple terms, which appeals to me very much indeed. Two reasons: I don't have a lot of money and I don't understand numbers. And these two reasons are interlinked as well, I suppose.

My third new book at the moment is called Quantum by Manjit Kumar. lt's very heavy (448 pages, hardback). Heavy to digest as well. I don't understand a word in it, actually. But I got it because it says in the flap, 'Quantum theory looks at the very building blocks of our world, the particles and processes without which it could not exist...' Hmm. Sounds very important. I'm sure though that once I finish reading it and someone would ask me what it's all about, I'd be like, 'Umm, Quantum is like... you know, like quantum physics? Erm, quantum leap? Yeah, that sort of thing.'

And oh, the last sentence in its flap jacket reads: 'Quantum is the essential read for anyone fascinated by this complex and thrilling story and by the band of brilliant men at its heart.'


Yes, I hear you. It's definitely boring* stuff.


Joy said...

I enjoyed your post! We're gonna catch James Bond next Orange Wednesday. I don't like going to the cinema here. Don't you just miss the cinemas in the Philippines? At Alabang Town Centre, it's just great - any food we want, cheese popcorn, Taters, buko juice and definitely cheaper than the tickets here :)

I think Obama will do everyone proud who believed in him. And you are right. Every time someone on TV said 'black', I'd say "half-black!"

Great that you have new reads! I look forward to reading, and writing when I'm in Manila.

See you on air this Saturday!

betchai said...

Soy, everytime I visit your blog, you always give me a dose of laughter, I always love your humor. You just have a way of telling your stories in a light manner but quite amusing and funny. I laughed hard at your quantum story since I can very well relate with you, and to think I teach Chemistry, but I always say, Quantum Mechanics or qunatum Physics is not my strength and it is not my major. So I always have a reason why I could not explain it well, :) , hihihi.

Yes, I am glad Obama won, his programs make much more sense to me :) I find it amusing before how the other party would describe his program as distribution of wealth :) But anyway, am just glad it's all over now, and they can focus now working on the economy, among others.

Rey said...

Barack ran on the platform of CHANGE just like our current governor of Massacusetts did 2 years ago ...also the first colored governor of our state. Two years later I am still waiting for that change to come instead of the politics as usual. Great oratory skill might have gotten him elected to the White House but he should do better than that as president to prevail in the business as usual dominated congress.

I like you blog though. It has wit and humour.

Ruthi said...

I'm glad that Obama won too though I wasn't able to vote because I am not a US citizen yet. I even followed his campaign trail. I came here just in time when he was campaigning for the caucuses and primaries and watched his acceptance speech while Hubby was snoring past asleep. I know more about his plans for this country than my American Family here.

Betty said...

My grandsons always ask more questions after I think I've given them enough info. The latest is about heaven and why people can't come back to visit. I've been having a tough time getting through that one.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

Share tayo kay Daniel Craig ha, I just love him.

Gentleman pa din si Lew for picking up the cups, but I can picture the look on his face, haha.

I knew it (before reading what you wrote next) that when you go tell Zak about the seed and the egg... ^_^

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