Friday, 26 December 2008

After all the fuzz...

Well, what do you know? Christmas day is over and the eleven-month preparation for the big day just went off in a puff. I feel guilty for all the wrapping paper around me. A few hours before, they were oh-so-lovingly wrapped around boxes, only to be torn in 10 minutes of madness. And the Christmas cards! We can't be satisfied with texting or calling or even saying in person our Christmas greetings. We have to send cards, too, as if it is the only way to validate our season's greetings to people we know. Sometimes, the cards are just signed by the sender, without even indicating who they are for. They're like autographs, on thick paper with some designs, exchanged, and displayed on windows or mantelpieces. Seemingly, the more cards displayed, the better, as it shows that you have a lot of friends, even if you only get to speak to one at least once in 3 weeks.

Receiving cards makes me feel guilty, too. I only sent some to friends in distant places and a few local ones, but when a card is handed to me unexpectedly, I get a feeling of warmth and gratitude, as well as a nagging feeling of obligation to reciprocate. Last night, at a friend's party, there were guests who had cards and pens ready. As soon as they see another guest coming in, they sign the cards off and hand them out. I cannot criticise the thought that went with it but it was like receiving leaflets on the way to a shop announcing an unplanned 70% discount, except that I was grateful for receiving them. They obviously forgot about you or didn't plan to give you one, but since you're there anyway, they give you one, just so you feel you're in their thoughts this Christmas.

As planned (in other words, out of sheer laziness), I didn't give Christmas cards to my work colleagues. I gratefully accepted theirs, and explained why I am not distributing cards to them this year. I promised to give them one on their birthdays, though, and I think they're ok about it. And so hopefully next Christmas, I would only send cards to friends and family in distant places, and when I say distant, it means over a thousand miles away from where I live.

So folks, I hope you all had a sweet and lovely Christmas celebration!


raqgold said...

i love sending christmas cards and i love receiving them, too. and yes, i have a list people who i exchange christmas cards with regularly and then the far away relatives and then the people who i simply wanted to let them know that i remember them. and those autograph cards? yung tipong may signature lang? they disappoint me gusto ko yung may kwento :D chismosa ako e!

betchai said...

Hi Soy, I am not much into sending Christmas Cards, except for those really far away, like you. I am not much into gift giving too, I would usually just give foods that I made which I know they love than giving material things since I am afraid it will just become dusted somewhere.

i find it funny how others would just sign the card like an autograph, it kind of loses the meaning of giving.

Francesca said...

im not into it also, but i received some that it perks my day as you it did to you.

we can celebrate happy cheers the whole year through by being there to each other, encouraging one another even by hi hello to our blog too.
anything just to communicate.

all the best in life

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