Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Christmas postcard from Japan

I received this Christmas postcard from the gorgeous Caryn in Japan. It's so thoughtful of her. It surely brightened a gloomy post-Christmas hang over.

And then I noticed the words 'creative swap'. Now folks, Caryn is a creative person who could turn dust into glitter, and she does all these swapping stuff with other creative people in the blog world. How am I supposed to join their fun? She has sent me cute bracelets as well and I would like to send her something, too as a way to say thank you. The only thing I could send her that's creative is a Hallmark postcard with the edges cut with a zigzaggy scissors!

I'm thinking of Bakewell Tart. What do you think?

(haha! you thought bakewell tart was something else, didn't you?)


veta said...

happy new year sa imu ma'am:-)

Joy said...

Surely you can be more creative than that :D Let the kids help you come up with ideas. Or, you could send her a collection of your photos :D

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caryn said...

wahahaha! glad you got the postcard soy ;-) ooo! the bakewell tart looks good! ;-)

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