Saturday, 3 January 2009

Some of the things parents have to go through aside from cleaning toilets

It's the second day of Lewis' potty training. So far, he just says 'NO!' to every encouragement to sit on the potty. He was completely dry last night and I'm hoping that he would be like his older brother who was dry in the night before he decided to get rid of day nappies. I'm a bit relaxed now as well, compared to my attempt to potty train Zak in ONE WEEK. That was completely ridiculous and needless to say, it didn't work at all.

This evening, after a lot of chitchat about how spiders would disappear on earth if he continues to wee in his nappy, he decided to ask.for.his.potty! He did a good 'number two' as well, which was very impressive. We all gave him lots of praise and hugs and told him to pull his pants up. He asked, 'like Nana does?' We said yes, although we don't really know how his grandmother pulls her knickers up. And I must say, it's difficult to imagine as well!


ruthi said...

good luck on your new endevour Soy. i know you will do a good job. take care and happy new year.

Francesca said...

stage by stage, and you will be there, perfect mom to two boys.

mind you nong panahon ko, i didnt teach anjo how he does his pipi to the toilet, maybe when he learned it, im not home haha.

betchai said...

:)) LOL you made me laugh hard again Soy with this post with Lewis asking like nana does, hihi.

Anyway, am so amazed at Lewis thoughts for nature, am glad he is willing enough to learn for the sake of the spiders. Bravo Soy!

Betty said...

Over the holidays one of the little ones announced to all of us that he had pooped in the potty. We had just sat down to a steak dinner. Of course, he received lots of praise and talked about the poopy. It was amusing since we were all eating.:)

Joy said...

You are the best mom! You should write a manual for aspiring good moms :D

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HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

so did you see how he put up his pants? para mo na din nakita how "nana" does it ^_^

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