Friday, 12 December 2008


It has been madness lately. The closing down of 100-year-old Woolworths meant that there was a very early Christmas sale for toys, children's clothing and kitchenware. I was there of course, joining the band of merry wives buying for my children winter coats that won't fit them until 2010.


Francesca said...

aha, shopping! pakibili naman ako ng size 12, daanan ko bayad when you invite me , hehe.

its me, true lola fran, changed avatar to avoid being cloned, hehe.

bonne fetes.

betchai said...

it is the same here Soy, or maybe even worse, so many stores closing becauseof the economy. happy shopping to you :) hope by the time the coats will fit your boys, they would like it :)

Betty said...

I went shopping today and still feel out of whack. The crowds were overwhelming. One lady even reprimanded me for leaving my grocery cart propped up in a median. There was no other close place to put it. I decided just to smile at her, but it put a big strain on my face.:)

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