Monday, 1 December 2008

If you know a Filipino, you will understand what I'm on about here.

The temperature has been around freezing point lately. There is nothing better to do in this time of the year except stuff myself with comfort food. Two days ago, a parcel of dried and salted fish arrived. Not being able to contain my excitement, I cooked about a dozen of them, while K and Zak were out. Knowing how K would react to the smell, I threw all the windows in the kitchen open. I was already blue when the dried fish was cooked and my fingers felt like they were going to fall off, but hey, I have under my nose the best food in the world.

K and Zak passed by the open windows, came in through the door and declared that they have a new business idea to propose to Dragon's Den: an airspray to combat uncontrollable yobbos, burglars and would-be terrorists. The airspray content would be the smell of cooked dried fish. The potency of a single spray would be equivalent to a million trapped farts with a mixture of pasta vomit. If I agree, I'd be a multi-millionaire in no time. But I have to stop cooking and eating dried fish.

I stared at them trying so hard to stop my chin from shivering. Then we all sat down in the lounge. I ate my dried fish and rice with my coat on while K, Zak and Lewis had their fingers clipped on their noses.


betchai said...

hahahahaha! oh soy, i pretty understand your situation, i can't stop from laughing here with how you probably tortured Zak and K with the smell, but if you won't eat those dried fish, it is a torture to us as well, hehehe!

raqgold said...

wehehehe, same here! my husband always tell me it smells like 'dead fish' daw e sabi ko dead naman talaga yung fish ano, hmpf :D that's why i tend to eat those only when i visit fellow pinays coz most of them have kitchen outside the house, hahaha

Ruthi said...

hahahaha... i could imagine it Soy. I have not tried it yet though despite the fact that I am craving. But I always talk my friend into it in her own house so that I would not be in trouble in my own. hahahaha. I know what you are talking about and I know how it feels to go through it just to give in to such craving. Now you make me hungry. I will check out my friend tomorrow... ora mismo! May bagoong pa ako don. hahaha.

Francesca said...

i had just one dried fish tuyo talaga with ginisang munggo and michel my french hubby warned me brush my teeth before going to bed and kiss him.
one way to put off a husband in bed, hik hik hik

aileen said...

hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! saraaaaaaap.....

Joy said...

Well, let's face it - they do stink AND they taste great. Can't imagine the smell without the taste :D What about red eggs? Does K eat red eggs? My hubby love them!

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