Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Castleton & Food

It's unusually sunny today, so we packed our walking boots and sticks to visit Castleton, a little quaint village in the High Peak, Derbyshire. The temperature is about 4 degrees lower than from where I live, which means that today, it's about 0 degree. Christmas trees are already out on the streets and the sound system in the public toilet is still playing classical music. It's weird for a public toilet to have music but there you go, odd village as it is.

This is a typical English cottage facing a graveyard and a castle ruin is on top of the hill next to it. It looks beautiful but I don't know how I'd feel if I live in there seeing all the graves everytime I wake up in the morning.

Salmon & Dill Fishcake

English Sausage & Mash

Being a touristy village though, a lot of cafes offer good food. Rose Cottage Cafe is fabulous. The tourist centre suggested this to us, and because we enjoyed the food, we dropped £1 in their box. It's the 'economic downturn', according to the Americans, so a pound is just right for a donation.

Cream Tea

As I am posting photos of food now, I might as well include my favourite Cream Tea. This one is from the only cafe in the Peak Village, a shopping outlet near Matlock in Derbyshire. This tastes nice but nothing can beat the Austrian cafe in a village called Bakewell which serves the best cream tea and bratwurst sausages.

The Peak District is beautiful. I have considered joining a rambling club but seeing that most members are pensioners who spend their time walking (rambling) about instead of knitting socks for their grandchildren, I might as well wait for a little bit. Indeed I do a bit of walking around, but only because I enjoy collapsing into a cafe afterwards, to say I deserve some cholesterol-laden cream tea.

More photos here.


caryn said...

huwaw. the scone looks absolutely delish soy! ;-)

Joy said...

Lucky you. I was at a domestic violence conference the whole day on Tuesday! I would like to visit the Peak and Lake Districts next summer. And yeah, very sinful food those.

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I, Woman

veta said...

patilawa sab nan cream tea ma'am;-)

betchai said...

wow soy, the cream tea looks so inviting, can i have some please? also, i saw your paella a la soy photo, my goodness, i feel hungry now! do you have a link to that version of paella? i mean a recipe?

betchai said...

you take great food photos! oh my, makes my mouth water right now, and though i just had dinner, i feel hungry :(

Betty said...

The pictures really make me want to be there. I agree that I enjoy sitting in an outdoor cafe after a "short" walk. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to "be away" for a few minutes. It was a nice retreat.

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