Friday, 21 November 2008

drama out of a crisis

'Well, in front of William was Hannah. Hannah is a girl. She is long and thin. William fell down, hit his face on the concrete and blood went everywhere. It was a good job William was a school counsellor. Because he is injured, I am now the new school counsellor. And because blood was everywhere, the school called the nurse, the nurse called the surgery, the surgery called the hospital, the hospital called the fire engine, the fire engine called the ambulance!'

This is a bit of what I heard from my 6-year-old while he was chatting with his daddy. There is so much in there to analyse. It's funny bordering on fanciful and I don't know which bit is real or made up. I have to remind him of Pinnochio as a reality check sometimes. What strikes me is that if his story involves boys, he only mentions the names, but if girls are involved, they are described as to their appearance, in detail, with an additional reminder that the person he is on about is a different species: a GIRL.


Duke said...

hahahaha! interesting storytelling skills your son has. I would probably be amused hearing him talk.

caryn said...

well, he seemed to enjoy the action in any case ;-) hehehe.

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