Thursday, 10 April 2008

Rich AND happy

I would just like to build on what I posted previously, re Rich but not happy. Joy said that 'wealth is just a state of mind'. Does it mean that I might be financially wretched and my bank balance might be zero, yet I could still be happy?

Up to what level can money make one happy or unhappy?

If you live and work in Europe, or any other place for that matter, and if you work hard and spend your income wisely, you can have a comfortable lifestyle.

You may or may not enjoy your job. You may love or hate fashion and the shopping that goes with it. You may tolerate or abhor materialism, but the fact is, you have money.

So, you have money, but you don't enjoy your job.
You have money, but your family life is compromised because of the time you spend away from home.
You have money, but you hate fashion. After all, why would you let some dim witted willowy character dictate your style and the colour of your mug? Who cares if your kitchen is still in the 1960s time line. You have money. That's all that matters.

Or does it?

So. In an ideal world, it would be 'nice' to have

  • a great job
  • a happy family life
  • a fantastic social life, and, why not throw in
  • cool neighbours as well
  • while living in a posh neighbourhood.


Remember Nicole Kidman's The Stepford Wives?

There's always a snag at the end.


Joy said...

In your list of ideals, I can say I have almost all except for the posh neighbourhood. I don't live in a dump (never would) but it's not Mayfair or Park Lane either. But it is a happy home. Yesterday I went home from work with a freaking headache and as soon as I walked through the door, the pain halved! Can you believe it?

Our neighbours even take our wheely bin out for us when trash day comes. How nice is that? My job doesn't pay the best salary, but it's not bad either. I enjoy other perks that are hard to put a tag price on.

I work in the voluntary sector and at the same time am a freelance writer and life coach and I get to do most things I want.

I do miss the kind of social life I had back in Manila, but they, I'm home twice a year (wish it could be more frequent) and I'm grateful for that.

You have one of the best jobs - a loving mother to two very active boys. You are blessed!

I hope you can tune in to the show tomorrow and support a Pinay who needs our help. And feel free to ring 01603 455 250 to just send messages of encouragement to her.

Speak soon!

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