Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Rich but not happy

Would you like to be rich and unhappy, or poor but happy? Check out this news item from the BBC.

"After 30 years of unprecedented economic growth, the British are
richer, healthier - but no happier than in 1973.
The latest Social Trends, the annual survey on the state of the nation from the Office for National Statistics, looks at how Britain has changed over the last few decades.
It shows that household income has gone up by 60%, and household wealth has more than doubled, in the past twenty years. .."

read the rest of the article here.


Francesca said...

happiness is not really from material things. All these are vanities. We like comfort and if we got it, we like thrills and we got thrills we look for something else.

For me happiness is in someone who:
is conscious of his 'spiritual' needs.

One who "walk" with God despite trials, and apply His principles to his everyday life.

day, heavy drama to, haha!sensya na!

Joy said...

I would rather be happy and wealthy :-) But the truth is, wealth is a state of mind - nothing to do with money.

And you know what, having lived here for over 4 years, I still don't consider it home and to me, and it is not surprising that by 2010 depression will be the number 1 illness in the UK!

Can't wait to relocate to the Philippines - God-willing.

A Pinay In England
I, Woman
Norwich Daily Photo

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

poor but happy and contented.

Soy said...

*Francesca*, heavy talaga yan.Just to play devil's advocate ha? What if you are financially 'nada', as in destitute na talaga, would it make you happy or depressed despite you being close to God? Hirap na tanong no?

*Joy*, does it mean that if I THINK and BELIEVE that i'm wealthy, I would be, even if i don't have money in reality? Hehe. Hirap na tanong na naman.

*Girlie/Hipncoolmomma*, your answer defines me. Hehe. Yes, i'm financially poor but happy and contented. :)

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