Friday, 1 August 2008

Score: Love all

I'm knackered again. This week, Zak has been learning tennis, and because he could hit the ball only about 1 out of 30, I practised with him until the ball hits the racket and not under it. Sometimes, K would think that really, Zak is not cut-out for sports and we should just let him be with his books because apart from his feet being stuck to the ground like lead when the ball comes his way, he either swings the racket the wrong way or hit himself with it.

But then again, he's only 5 years old, what would you expect? I'm sure Nadal didn't hit all his balls the first time? And then K would say that honestly, swimming (which he will have a crash course next week) is better for him. Not tennis. Not football.

The only thing is, he 'loves' tennis and he always looks forward to all his lessons. I'm just glad it will be finished by the end of this week and I could have a rest from picking up all the balls.


Joy said...

How sweet! Zak actually looks forward to tennis. Then let him keep doing it. If he enjoys it, what does it matter if he's not so good at it now?

How are you Soy?

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Analyse said...

as you said, he's only 5 years old. he will have a lot of time to perfect the swing ;)

Francesca said...

Give him time.
Zak is patient, he will make it soon better than expected.

elizabeth said...

i'm like zak, i love tennis, and i am so glad for my father who kept on playing tennis with me despite i was not playing great. i'm glad you continue to give him tennis lessons :) in time he will be able to play better.

denden said...

hi soy

i used to have tennis lessons about 3 years ago, and i think i was probably worse than Zak but i enjoyed it too and kept going. :)

get some rest and hope you won't get as knackered this week.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

if he looks forward to it, that means he is interested in playing. he will improve later on, and oh picking up the ball is a good exercise Soy ^_^.

re: belly dancing "maya" believe me it's hard, it took me more than a year to dance like that girl in the vid...mahirap talaga ma-perfect.

Ruthi said...

I learned to play tennis when I was already 38. Zak is only 5. Just imagine what career I would have right now if I started that early. Too bad I have no time for that now so my supposedly alternative career will take a back seat for as long as forever because I don't think I will have the power to hit balls in my 50s. hehehe. Great athletes of all times have thier moms as their back-up. You are doing a great job. Picking the balls though is a good exercise for you. So keep it up and give your future Tennis Champion a great time in the court.

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