Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Black Hole

About 10 minutes ago, the Large Hadron Collider was powered on. I sat on the couch with my laptop perched on the arm. Lewis dumped his cup of water on me and I froze. I shouted for tea towel to absorb the water while my ears were glued to BBC Radio 4 doing the countdown. I was at the same time relaying to my husband what the French and English-speaking people were saying, including Andrew Marr's. Too much excitement!

But in bed this morning, I was ranting. '£5billion pounds! Think how that could help humanity! They spend that much just to satisfy scientific curiousity and yet there are people in the world who can't even pull their hair because of hunger? How could you justify that?'

My husband kept still and quiet, staring up the ceiling, possibly thinking, 'oh here we go again!' Then he said, 'Britain gives CERN £120million pounds every year.'

Then I said, 'go on Zak, get dressed'. I thought, do I really have to worry about these huge things beyond my comprehension? If black holes are inadvertently created, as some people claim, then earth would be sucked from within, and there's nothing I or you could do about it. I might be able to continue supervising Zak and Lewis get dressed, or not.

Then my husband asked how long it would take for earth to disappear if the collider goes wrong, the expert in me confidently answered: 4 years. He said, 'don't worry, we'll all be dead by then'.

When Zak and husband left for school, husband said, 'it's 8.39. I'll see you later, unless the black hole appears!'


Analyse said...

i sometimes don't understand some scientific exploits too.. like examining Mars.. what for? I won't build my house there anyway... yes, better focus on more realistic cause but well, it's beyond our comprehension, as you said..

denden said...

£5 billion is a disgusting amount to spend on these things.

ruthi said...

it's same here in the US. Bush is spending billions of $$$ to finance Iraq war and the americans are battling economy, unemployment, health insurance, high gas price and others. we have billion of $$$ in deficit while Irag have billions of $$$ in oil revenue because we are the #1 importer of their oil. These guys have some problem with their priorities.

BTW, I am not taking the diet pills I am also afraid of that. I just post that for the ads... hahahaha. I was paid for writing that too. wink... so I have to come up with something. thanks for the comment.

lynneth said...

Did you see the faces during the countdown? I swear I saw a guy or two clutching their hands together on their chest as if praying... now that's fuckin somethin!

Seeing their faces, I said to hubby: Pa look at the guys, they are like going to piss in their pants!!!!

betchai said...

i share your feelings soy, this is one of the things that i find it hard to understand, regarding the priorities of our world :(

humans or aliens?

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