Monday, 1 September 2008

I thought

Of facial reconstruction.

I can't understand why people take me so seriously, like everything I say is etched on two slabs of the commandments, and that everything I do or don't do has moral connotations! Don't they know what 'dry sense of humour' is?

I just happen to have tight ponytail/bun all the time. No, I don't let my hair down, literally, because I have frizzy hair and you know what, everything Vidal Sassoon said is a lie! What's wrong with neat hairstyle anyway? That's what they do at Ms Universe, I'm sure. And no, I don't do clips because they make me look like a 70-year-old who forgot her false teeth.

My hairstyle doesn't make me look like a hard-nosed businesswoman who doesn't have time for silliness. Okay, it's my eyes then. So what's wrong with my bloody eyes? They're piercing, but they're not looking through your soul? I'm short-sighted so if you're a mile from me, my eyes have to work hard to see the outline of your body. If you're wearing layered dress and it happens to be windy, then it would make me think you're a spider and not a human being. So I DON'T SMILE. You're a spider. Why should I smile at a spider!

I try hard to look charming, and soft. So once in a blue moon, I put on make-up. But the make-up makes my 2-year-old cry. And my 5-year-old would exclaim like, 'Mummy! You look like a witch!' And then my husband would smile, just smile, like a permanent smile, and become monosyllabic. How do I look? 'Eh?' And then he would smile some more. When my father-in-law sees me, he would turn his head and look on the wall, like there's something there he's not seen before. 'Oh, this tiny bit here needs a teeny-weeny lick of paint!' And my mother-in-law would say, 'Wow Soy, I like your ring!' And my ring is not even near my face! What's the matter with them? Or should I say, what's the bloody matter with my face/make-up/face?

That's why I should have facial reconstruction. What do you think of Rosalinda?


ruthi said...

You look just fine. I know what you mean. I can relate well. When I was still in the Philippines the beauty salon and spa were my weekend hub and retreat. Now that I am here in the US, I don't have the time to do anything for myself. Not even a decent manicure. And like you I tie my hair with an elastic band to keep it away from my face. You are right those shampoo commercials are just what it is... commercial just to promote the product that don't actually work. But deep inside I know... you also know that you are beautiful... inside out. and that is what is more important right? Have a nice weekend ahead.

betchai said...

another filled with humor post, thanks for always giving me laughs soy. i am like you, i tie my hair often too, sometimes, if i have time, i wear it loose, but a lot of the times, i tie it nor only for looks but also for comfort.

rosalinda is just a product of ads, te reality is me :), ooops, sorry, the reality is "us"! vidal sassoon and others descibe hair and beauty so that they can lure women to look like the women who promotes them.

i wear make-up sometimes too, but a lot of the time, i do not have the time, so i look plain. but isn't it "plain is beautiful?" i don't know if my sutdents are just afraid to tell me the truth, for they always tell me when i wear make-up, "you look prettier today, i like your make-up", hihihi. but my hubby? he just would look at me and smile, "needed a therapy dear?"

Analyse said...

hayy, what can i say? im one of those who dont really care much about how i look.. but well, i sometimes pamper myself with products i saw on tv.. i even tried bare minerals for foundation, and guess what, i used it once and was disappointed, didnt see any difference, lol.

Anonymous said...

mao ng ilang g iingon na you cant please everybody. beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. just hold on to the opinions of your kids they dont see your physical appearance but they look at the big heart of their mom.

caryn said...

hahaha! naisip ko rin yan, pero masakit ...both physically and in the pocket. wow, as if considering talaga. hahaha! ;-)

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

honestly I feel good when I "fix" myself. Now this is a challenge to you Soy, it's nice to be kikay once in a while. It's easy to put on makeup actually, but you need to practice a bit, especially I see that you are not into it.

Oh Rosalinda? Heavily made up naman yan, yoko. That's the reason why I do my own makeup yoko mag salon, i actually don't like salon look

SHIELA said...

buangit man ka soy look ok. what's wrong with looking normal?

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