Monday, 10 November 2008

Crispy Bites

Crispy Bites, originally uploaded by Soyy.

I am not a dessert or a biscuit person. Normally, when I am offered snacks or after-meal bites, I refuse. I don't mind drinks. I would even happily sit in a competition on who could drink the most tea without milk and sugar. At six in the morning. But McBurgers at mid-morning? Oh no. Oh no.

But it was also mid-morning when a friend handed this Crispy Bites to me and K as we sat in her settee. Before she even finished making a cup of tea, K already munched about a dozen of these peanut brittle-like cookies. My husband is normally a rich tea biscuit type of person, but this morning? He was abnormally munching it like he's just discovered his teeth and now enjoying the pleasures of solid food.

This bag of crispy bites by the way can be bought from the shop with the slogan, 'Spend a little, save a lot'. We're on our way their tomorrow to grab a trolley of this.


Joy said...

Hahaha. K and I can definitely enjoy biscuits and cookies together! That store you mentioned also sells this apple-banana juice which I can't find anywhere else. Dang!

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betchai said...

oh, i love sweets :) i do not eat often though because i discipline myself, but once a while i treat myself. right now, i am thinking of our "kalamay or kalamayhait" and "ube halaya". haaaaaay.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

must really be yummy, mukha naman sa picture ng supot eh

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