Thursday, 13 November 2008


Out of the blue, the boys came rushing from the kitchen on their tractor to deliver plates, knives, forks on to our dining table. The soysauce was declared champagne and the roasted chicken, vegetables and roasted potatoes became CHRISTMAS DINNER! K came out with all the drinks and played Christmas songs on CD. We all got excited. We sat down to eat, big smiles on our faces, thrilled. Wow! Christmas dinner in November!

We closed the blinds and pretended it was snowing outside. The excitement and the chatter made the delicious meal a christmas dinner in every way. Except of course that it was 13 November and not 25 December.

'Hunny! Life is what you make it!' my husband said as I savoured the wonderful 'christmas dinner' surprise.


veta said...

Merry Christmas Ma' advance.

betchai said...

Merry Christmas Soy :)

it sounds fun, the Christmas dinner

raqgold said...

christmas in november. how sweet! actually, same here - my hubby started Christmas decorating until my MC came home from school and told him it is too early for Christmas decors. papa stopped! hahaha

Francesca said...

korek of your husband to do that.Its not only christmas on dec, it has to be the whole year through, kesehoda me hndang special or wala.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

dec 25 really has a different atmosphere, and I wish it is always like that everyday. You have sweet boys!

Soy I thought of you when I got this award, so I'm passing it on to you.

Best Mom Award

Joy said...

Aaaww! A family after my own heart. I love Christmas myself. You are blessed. What a wonderful family.

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